With over 20 years of experience as an educator, Cori will bring her informed ideas and leadership skills to work for the Banks School District.

Invested in BSD

As a mother of two children enrolled in the Banks School District, Cori is dedicated to the success of all students at BSD.

forward thinking

We are at a turning point in education. Cori will support the schools as they develop a path forward from this past year, centered on the needs of ALL students where they are today.


My name is Corissa Mazurkiewicz and I am running for Banks School Board position # 2. I am running for this position because we are currently in the midst of an educational revolution. This past year has profoundly changed the way that we envision and engage with learning and teaching. Our forced use of technology during CDL has opened up opportunities and doorways into learning and teaching that we couldn’t have even imagined pre-pandemic. Through the innovative use of technology in the classroom, we can truly begin to meet the needs of ALL learners – from our students with special needs, to our kids who are identified as TAG. 

I believe my extensive background and unique experience in education will allow me to bring creative insight and new vision to our district. This is a challenging time, but the new possibilities to support our students is also incredibly exciting. At this critical point in history, we have the opportunity to rebuild our schools and create a system where all students will truly thrive. 

It would be my great honor to serve our community in this role as a school board member.


  • Safety
    Utilize trauma informed practices and social emotional learning as foundations for transitioning students successfully back into classrooms.
  • Assessment
    Centering student and teacher voices as a tool for assessing where students are now (socially, emotionally, academically) in order to develop interventions and supports moving forward.
  • Collaboration
    Strengthening the relationship between the school board and the community by encouraging interactive dialogue and deep listening.
  • Rebuilding
    We cannot just go back to business as usual, our educational system has undergone tremendous changes this past year. We need to take what we have learned from our successes and our failures in order to rebuild our district into the strongest most successful version of itself. With the support of our amazing community, Banks School District can become a model of excellence in 21st century learning.


For over two decades, Corissa has worked tirelessly to make a difference to students in K-12 Education. She has previously served as a special education teacher at both the middle school and high school level before moving into higher education to teach tomorrow’s Educators as an Assistant Professor at Pacific University after receiving her PhD in Education and Leadership.

As the mother of two children (ages 9 & 11), Cori is deeply dedicated to not just the success, but the flourishing of the Banks School District and community. Cori has been a resident of Banks for the past 15 years, with deep family roots in this area.

Cori is committed to promoting the growth, healing and well being of our community. 


“We have the ability to use what we have learned over the past year in order to create schools that are truly preparing our children to lead healthy, happy and successful lives.”